Portfolio overview 3rd quarter 2019

Summaries for a whole quarter are always interesting. They show a broader picture and trends than my monthly reports. It’s fantastic to see that my portfolio grows with tremendous speed. In comparison to the end of the 2nd quarter, my portfolio reached the 40,000 € milestone and achieved an all-time high of 41,288.25 €. That’s an increase of 24.5% (+8,129.5 €) in only three months. Of course, new shares such as Kraft Heinz Company and Altria as well as the Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF have large shares of that growth. However, also the ETFs with an austerity plan (ComStage MSCI World; ComStage STOXX Europe 600, Vanguard All-World High Dividend Yield) increased about ~20% in these three months.Calculating the overall performance, I can observe a plus of 4.77% (incl. dividends). However, sales of shares are not included, but will be in the portfolio report for the 4th quarter at the beginning of 2020.

Milestone of 40k reached and new all-time high – the constant growth has continued in the 3rd quarter of 2019

Savings, purchases and sales (3rd quarter 2019)

In the 3rd quarter of 2019, I followed the defined strategy and purchased on a monthly basis the ComStage MSCI World, the ComStage STOXX Europe 600 (on 5th day of each month) as well as the Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield (on 20th day of each month).For the 3rd quarter of 2019, that includes the following acquisitions:

July 19
August 19
September 19
ComStage MSCI World TRN7.175 shares
per 55.75 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 54.28 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 54.83 € (incl 1.5 € fee)
July 19
August 19
September 19
ComStage STOXX Europe 600 NR 4.857 shares
per 82.35 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 78.33 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 78.67 € (incl 1.5 € fee)
July 19
August 19
September 19
Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield 8.129 shares
per 49.20 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 47.76 € (incl 1.5 € fee) per 49.95 € (incl 1.5 € fee)

Besides that standard purchases, defined by the austerity plans, I was able to acquire some more shares within this quarter. These purchases are based on two strategies. First, the cash balance in the clearing account was so high, that further purchases were possible. Additionally, I used a small decline of prices in August to buy 40 shares of the Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF. Behind the second strategy is the desire to increase the proportion of individual stocks in the portfolio. Accordingly, I bought with Kraft Heinz Company and Altria some strong dividend stocks for my buy and hold strategy.

July 19Kraft Heinz Company25 shares
(689.88 €)
per 27.20 €
(incl 10 € fee)
August 19Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield 40 shares
(3,020.06 €)
per 75.23 €
(incl 10.86 € fee)
Altria9 shares
(335.89 €)
per 37.215 €
(incl 1 € fee)

Also worth to notice are the fees for purchasing my ETFs and stocks. Buying the 25 shares of Kraft Heinz Company in my DKB depot was quite expensive with a fee of 10 €. Even that this purchase wasn’t so small for me, the ancillary costs were still at 1.47%. In September, I bought Altria with a significantly smaller margin. However, the ancillary costs were only 0.3%. That’s possible with my second and new depot at TradeRepublik, were you can purchase and sale stocks for only 1 € of external costs. This makes smaller margins possible and reasonable, which I also used more frequently in the 4th quarter.

With regard to my clearing accounts, it becomes clear that despite the acquisition of 40 shares of the Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF, that cash amount decreased only slightly (about 400 €). Accordingly, about 2,600 € came from surpluses from our household money and dividend payments in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The cash amount on my personal investment clearing balanced decreased as well based the purchases of Altria and Kraft Heinz Company. Here, the monthly savings rate of 103€ and dividend payments prevented a larger decline.

Dividend payments 3rd quarter 2019

As stated above, dividend payments played an important role in the 3rd quarter. Many of my ETFs offer a yearly payment in August, so also the amount of dividends reached new all-time highs. I got nearly from all of my ETFs some payments in the third quarter. Accordingly, the following table is quite long and even more exciting for me.

iBoxx Liquid Sovereigns Diversified 5-712.90 €  (+ 24.4%)
10.37 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

ComStage MSCI Emerging Markets40.52 €  (+ 103%)
19.96 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

ComStage MSCI World120.34 €  (+ 262.25%)
33.22 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

ComStage STOXX Europe 600180.13 €  (+ 297.81%)
45.28 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

COMSTAGE-S&P 50020.03 €  (+ 125.82%)
8.87 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

ComStage F.A.Z. Index59.90 €  (+ 0.28%)
59.73 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

ComStage MSCI Europe Small Cap62.02 €  (+ 9.81%)
56.48 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

Kraft Heinz Company7.68 €  (new dividend)
0 € in the 3rd quarter 2018
(withholding tax 15%: 1.35 €)
Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield96.98 €  (+ 61.8%)
59.95 € in the 3rd quarter 2018

SumSum in 3rd quarter 2019 600.50€
(+ 204.35 % in comparison to 3rd quarter 2018)
Sum in 2019
677.89 € (56.49 €/month)

As you can see, I was able to double my dividend payments in the 3rd quarter in comparison to 2018. 600 € dividend payment is a word and already a sum ready for re-investment. Additionally, at total dividend sum of nearly 678 € in 2019 means a monthly passive income of 56.5 € each month. This amount I could already us to pay certain bills such as my mobile phone bill or internet bill each month.


24.5% increase of portfolio value and dividends worth 600 €, this quarter was a total success. As written above, these quarterly reports show a broader picture than the monthly reports. Therefore, more general developments get obvious. Besides investment in individual stocks or additional ETFs, the clearing accounts didn’t decrease much in value, which means more or less fresh capital is coming constantly and is ready to be invest.Of course minimalism or frugalism are buzzwords which I read a lot in the social media. But besides my high saving rates this is not on purpose. It just that I don’t need that much money and I’m already happy with smaller amounts. Of course, that makes me quite optimistic and happy that my FIRE approaches is practicable at a specified time.I’m already looking forward to the 4th quarter, even if it isn’t finished yet.

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